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Stephen Flam

Stephin Flam | Pinnacle

Stephen Flam | Owner
Pinnacle Fitness & Wellness

As a licensed Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist, Stephen Flam and his team at Pinnacle Fitness & Wellness work hard to provide a natural alternative for improving our clients' overall health.

At Pinnacle, we recognize that our clients have many different needs and goals, which is why we offer a wide array of services that will be tailored personally for each of our clients. We invite you to contact us to learn more.

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Pinnacle | Fitness & Wellness

We offer a range of exercise options to benefit virtually every individual, including KettleBells, Pilates, and Olympic Lifting.

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Owner: Stephen Flam

Private Training Packages Available

Personalized Nutrition Plans

Licensed Massage Therapist | NY & SC

Rapid Release Technology (RRT)

Pinnacle Fitness & Wellness works hard to provide a natural alternative for improving our clients' overall health.

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What is Pinnacle Build(ing)?

Between commuting, work, and making it home for dinner with the family, getting time in with a private trainer can be difficult.
Conceived to accommodate the schedules of a busy clientele, Pinnacle Build(ing) offers boutique fitness instruction without ever stepping out of your own building.
Catering to the residents of high-rise luxury apartment buildings in New York City, Build(ing) trainers will schedule
appointments at your convenience to train you within the in-house fitness facilities of your own building.

Who We Are

Our staff is a team of highly experienced and copiously certified experts on the body.
We are not simply people in good shape, but are your personal guides to wellness and fitness,
having honed the breadth and depth of our expertise through years of practice and training.
Our goal as trainers is to reshape your body as well as your mind when it comes to achieving your personal best,
so that you understand your body better and are able to make the changes you aspire towards.

Our Approach

Everybody’s needs are different—from improved cardiovascular health to increased muscle tone,
our approach is not simply to act as a “trainer” but as a guide, helping you to understand your own
body in order to see your desired results in a safe and timely fashion.
No matter where you are on the spectrum of fitness—whether you are just beginning your quest to a healthier life
and better body, are a regular gym-goer who wants to push yourself to the next level of physical discipline,
or are an athlete in search of an extra edge in your regimen—we pride ourselves on an approach that is studious,
rigorous, and which yields quantifiable results.

Three examples of different types of clients on the spectrum(but not limited to such clients alone)(note that each aspires to the next level):

Some examples of the many different types of clients we work with…

  • (1) The Novice: The Novice hasn’t spent much time in the gym, and wants to lose 15 pounds.
    We examine her movements, flexibility, and diet, and figure out that the Novice is consuming 2000 calories daily,
    when she only needs 1300. In order to reach the deficit in calories consumed so
    the Novice can shed her unwanted pounds, we prescribe a nutritional regimen so that
    the Novice will understand caloric value and make better food choices, as well as
    low-impact, fundamental foundation exercises, and maybe even cycling—exercises that will
    not stress the joints while providing the exercise necessary to lose weight.

  • (2) The Active Client: The Active Client plays tennis, goes skiing, and works out regularly at the gym,
    but for some reason he just can’t seem to achieve the muscle tone he wants. After filming his normal exercises
    and analyzing his movements, we strap his heart monitor on to make sure he remains in his peak training zones
    for caloric expenditure, and have him work with TRX Cables, Kettlebells, and some Pilates training.

  • (3) The Athlete: The Athlete loves tennis, plays every day, but finds that he fatigues quickly by the end of his matches.
    After observing his heart rate and metabolism, we guide him through a regimen of energy system training—lateral training with ropes,
    TRX Cables, and footwork drills—to improve his cardiovascular strength so his body grows accustomed to prolonged bouts of activity.

What We Offer:

This is only a partial list. Contact us directly to inquire about more of our services—you won’t be disappointed.