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Stephen Flam

Stephin Flam | Pinnacle

Stephen Flam | Owner
Pinnacle Fitness & Wellness

As a licensed Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist, Stephen Flam and his team at Pinnacle Fitness & Wellness work hard to provide a natural alternative for improving our clients' overall health.

At Pinnacle, we recognize that our clients have many different needs and goals, which is why we offer a wide array of services that will be tailored personally for each of our clients. We invite you to contact us to learn more.

Integrative Health

Integrative Health | Pinnacle Fitness & Wellness

Pinnacle Fitness & Wellness

Integrative Health

We are great believers in holistic medicine and our mission is to help you on your journey to a achieve health and wellness, as well as a vibrant appearance. Leading the team is Dr. Fazylova a Board Certified Integrative Medicine expert and a dedicated Holistic Health practitioner. We evaluate each client individually and provide a personalized treatment plan.

We provide an array of best skin care services for skin rejuvenation and to treat uneven skin tone. Our popular procedures such as injectables & dermal fillers, dermaplaning, exfoliation, microdermabrasion, microneedling, European facial, oxygen facial, and PRP vampire facial are performed by experienced professionals dedicated to rejuvenate your looks with minimal or no downtime.

We use revolutionary, advanced light and laser technology from Alma lasers to help you to diminish and eliminate your skin concerns and give your aged and uneven skin a more vibrant appearance. Our procedures include IPL photofacial, laser skin tightening, laser skin resurfacing, pain free laser hair removal, laser vein removal and laser acne scar removal.