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Stephen Flam

Stephin Flam | Pinnacle

Stephen Flam | Owner
Pinnacle Fitness & Wellness

As a licensed Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist, Stephen Flam and his team at Pinnacle Fitness & Wellness work hard to provide a natural alternative for improving our clients' overall health.

At Pinnacle, we recognize that our clients have many different needs and goals, which is why we offer a wide array of services that will be tailored personally for each of our clients. We invite you to contact us to learn more.

Pilates Training

Pinnacle Fitness & Wellness

Pilates Training

Private pilates sessions focus on strengthening the core and increasing length and tone of musculature. They employ The use of body weight to improve core strength, symmetry, alignment and overall muscular conditioning.

Christina Gloger is a full-spectrum fitness maven. Her knowledge of the body comes through intense study, numerous certifications, and, most importantly, over a decade of successful practice and instruction. She began her career in dance, studying at the Martha Graham School for Contemporary Dance in New York City, before her introduction to Pilates in 1996.
As a Pilates instructor, Christina holds the gold standard of expertise: in 2001 she was personally certified by Romana Kryzanoska—one of the few remaining disciples of Joseph Pilates himself. Since then she has been teaching Pilates in studios, private residences, and fitness clubs both national and international. While Christina has over a decade of experience teaching group classes, her profound knowledge of physiology and anatomy has enabled her to successfully teach a diverse clientele, adjusting her program to accommodate virtually anyone—including athletes, pregnant women, children, and even post-operation patients. Christina’s program is tailored to the individual to ensure results.
Starting in 2005, Christina began training clients at Sports Club LA in Rockefeller Center and was soon promoted to Advantage Trainer and then Master Trainer in Pre/Post Natal Exercise as well as Master Trainer for Breathing, before being nominated Trainer of the Year in 2007. She remained on staff at SCLA as a top trainer before taking her practice to Velocity Sports Performance in 2011.
Christina is certified in the following:

  • - National Academy of Sports Medicine(NASM): Certified Personal Trainer
  • - Certified CrossFit Coach as well as competitive CrossFit athlete
  • - USA Weightlifting: Olympic Lifting instructor
  • - Titleist Performance Institute: Golf Fitness Instructor

In addition to her voluminous resume, Christina has made professional appearances in Glamour Magazine, Page Six Magazine, as well as on Channel 7 news, numerous DVDs (including the Classical Pilates Studio Equipment series), as well as several infomercials.

Pilates Training | Pinnacle Fitness & Wellness

Pinnacle Fitness & Wellness

Pilates Training

Lisa Marie Kocsis has classical pilates training and is a professional instructor who offers a tailor-made training regimen. We have different needs based on natural asymmetries that occur in our bodies. Training should address those needs in each specific client.

Lisa Marie Kocsis provides a refreshing mind-body workout utilizing her Pilates experience. Pinnacle will ensure you develop a strong core and longer, leaner muscles, while improving mobility and flexibility. Lisa will work with you to create an evenly conditioned body, increase body awareness, and improve mechanics for optimal daily living.

After receiving her BFA she channeled her focus into her Pilates certification. During the 17 years since her first Pilates session, Lisa has worked to become a certified personal trainer and received her certification in Russian kettlebells from RKC. In addition, she received Level 1 certifications in Animal Flow and with Original Strength. Through years of self practice, teaching hundreds of clients ranging from their 20s to 70s, she has learned the importance of proper movement mechanics for daily healthy living. That, combined with her knowledge of anatomy, has enabled her numerous clients to move better and feel better!

Subsequently, Lisa received a nutrition certification to more positively affect her clients' lives. There are many aspects to fitness, but it really comes down to two basic components, she believes...fitness and nutrition.